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Like many good things in life, my work begins with human connection and relationship. I’m a web developer and mental health therapist after all.

I enjoy taking the time to get things right and am a big believer that slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I typically just work on a few contracts per year.

Selected work

  • Sanity — Marketing and technical writing working on SEO improvements.
  • FOCUS Covid-19 Study — All design and development work including internationalization and branding. Worked with an interdisciplinary team of academics and researchers from UBC and INSERM to create a youthful web presence for their Covid research study. Built using NextJS and Sanity.
  • BC Alliance for Monitoring Mental Health Equity — All design and development work including branding. Collaborated with a team of professors and policy makers to raise public awareness of inequity in the delivery of mental healthcare. Won a design and development award in 2021 for best non-profit website. Built using Gatsby and Sanity.
  • HelpScout — Frontend developer working to implement new designs and feature requests.
  • MindMapBC — All development work and partnered with a graphics artist on illustration and designs. MindMapBC provides a searchable geograhic database of mental health resources focused on LGBTQ2S-affirming care. Built using Gatsby and Sanity.