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Heyo! My name is Eric Howey (he/him) and among other things I am a web developer and mental health therapist. I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, and being outside. I've seen a polar bear in real life and dropped off a 30 foot waterfall in a kayak (on purpose). I've also been told that I have bad hair and a cute dog.

Eric Howey

But you aren't here for old-time adventure stories. You're here for websites.

I have been building websites in one form or another since before I could grow facial hair. I enjoy the juxtaposition between creating websites and my job as a mental health therapist. Fixing a line of code is reassuringly certain when contrasted with the ambiguity of human experience.

I derive a lot of joy from problem solving and learning as I design and code. Seeing something I have made live on the internet still gives me a little rush!

And, yes those are little kid hands you spy in the picture above too!